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Your home is important me and I personally take pride in knowing you are not only satisfied, but happy with your window coverings.  I will personally guide you through the process of choosing the right window treatments for your home and life style.


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Window blinds are a type of window covering with horizontal or vertical slats held together by cords that run through the slats. They can be opened and closed to adjust the amount of light you let in either manually or by remote control. Blinds can block unwanted heat from the summer sun as well as keep your room warm in the colder months giving you the added benefit of energy efficiency. You control how much sunlight you let in by rotating the slats to varying degrees. You can pull them up for full exposure or close them completely for privacy.

The position and size of the window is also a factor in determining what type of window treatment to use. If your windows are taller than they are wide, typically horizontal blinds are used. If your window open and close from side to side vertical blinds will add height to your room.

We carry top of the line aluminum, fauxwood, and real wood blinds in an array of colors, textures and stains. Each have their own qualities of practicality, design and style.

Wood blinds are stylish and functional. Both the real wood and fauxwood keep your room cool by blocking out the sun when needed and will keep the warmth in when it’s cold outside. The beauty of our 100% real basswood blinds is incomparable. Real wood blinds with just the right stain will give your room subtle elegance or grandeur.

Fauxwood blinds are an excellent alternative to real wood. Our fauxwood is made from the highest quality metal and polycarbonate components. They can withstand higher temperatures and tolerate humidity better than real wood blinds, and are less likely to crack, warp or fade. You can paint or stain your blinds as with the basswood resulting in the look and feel of real wood, but at a more affordable price.

Aluminum blinds are practical and cost effective. They offer the most color options making it simple to coordinate with any room. Like fauxwood blinds they are more suited to rooms with direct sunlight, higher temperatures, or more humidity. Although they can be used throughout your home, aluminum blinds are recommended for bathrooms, kitchens, and high traffic areas.