Horizontal Blinds

Horizontal blinds are a popular window treatment, and are generally quite inexpensive and easy to find. Keep in mind that not all blinds are equal. We manufacture top quality  fauxwood, and 100% real basswood blinds.

Fauxwood Horizontal Blinds       COLORS 

Fauxwood horizontal blinds are distinguished by quality craftsmanship and durability. These products are produced with the highest quality metal and polycarbonate components.

Basswood Horizontal Blinds

Basswood horizontal blinds are distinguished by their elegant beauty. These products are milled from 100% basswood and are cut from the vertical grain, ensuring superior stability.

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Horizontal blinds come in varying slat sizes. The larger the slats the more light you can let in. The different slat sizes also help you create the perfect look for the scale and décor of your windows bringing beauty and elegance to your home.

Horizontal blinds are an excellent choice when privacy is a concern. Since they can be closed completely they are an outstanding barrier to light especially when used in combination with drapes making them ideal for large living room or bedroom windows.

Real wood and faux wood blinds are extremely popular window treatments. They are functional, beautiful and will complement just about any style. Both will block the sun to keep your room cool, and insulate to keep your room warm. The quality and craftsmanship of real wood blinds can’t be beat. For some homeowners only real wood will do because no matter how good manufacturers are at creating a real looking faux wood, it is still an imitation. Real wood blinds are more commonly used in rooms with large windows as they are lighter than faux wood blinds. The initial cost is higher for real wood blinds, but they can last for decades, and save on your energy costs. They complement any style and can make a statement like a fine piece of furniture.

Fauxwood blinds are made to look like real wood and are a more economical alternative to real wood. Our fauxwood is made from material that won’t crack, warp or fade. This makes them a perfect choice for high traffic areas of your home because they can take more wear and tear, or more humid environments such as the kitchen or bathroom. From white to textured or stained, you can create the custom look you want.

Aluminum blinds are lightweight, durable, dust resistant and easy to clean. They come in many colors and patterns that would easily suit the color and décor of any room in your home. If your room is extremely sunny or humid, aluminum blinds are the better choice. They are built to withstand heat and direct sunlight without warping or fading. Our aluminum blinds have a pre-coating that acts as anti-static, repelling dust and protecting against dents or bends. These blinds are economical and give you the most color options to choose from.