Window treatments can take the décor of your room from plain to stunning. The ability to control light and privacy along with the selection of fabric, color and texture can give you many options to choose from resulting in a truly custom look. You can allow all the natural sunlight into your room by opening your shades, or depending on the type of shade and amount of sun control, give your room a soft warm glow. You also get the added privacy while still having just the right amount of light shining through.

Window shades are a type of window treatment traditionally made from soft fabrics, but now also include a combination of natural materials such as bamboo, jute and grass. Shades are either pulled up letting in all light allowing for a full view to the outside, or down which blocks light and glare as well as the view.

Shades can be customized to your needs to include liners which add light control and insulation. Room darkening and blackout shades give you the best light blocking control. Room darkening shades, such as roller shades or cellular shades will darken your room, more so with a darker fabric, or filter in more sunlight if using a lighter material. Blackout shades further darken the room with the use an opaque fabric and a tight fit within the window casing which cuts back on light seepage. Cellular shades, roman shades, or woven wood shades work well in rooms where the blackout effect is preferred such as in bedrooms, nurseries, or home theatres.

Window shades are also insulating and energy efficient keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer. In addition, they will protect your home and furnishings from harmful ultra violet rays. Maintenance of your shades is a matter of routine. If you do not clean your shades on a regular basis, over time they will develop a yellowish tint. Most shades can be dusted with a duster, or with the brush attachment on your vacuum. With honeycomb cellular shades, if dust has accumulated in the middle of the cells simply use a blow dryer to get the dust out. Always be gentle and use the lowest and coolest setting. Since roman shades are made of fabric, you can spot clean them using a damp cloth and a bit of mild soap. Do not use water on woven wood shades. This could break the natural fibers apart causing gaps or drooping. Proper cleaning technique and a gentle hand will keep your window shades clean and fresh.

Window shades are protection for you and your home, but they also provide you the opportunity to let your style and personality shine through. We offer sun control roller shades, cellular shades with the unique honeycomb cells that block UV rays, and roman shades in fabric colors of your choosing. Window shades, as well as blinds and shutters can be used anywhere, as closet doors, room dividers, or to as a barrier to stash away items you don’t want seen. You can add richness of color with our variety of fabrics, or texture with a natural woven shade that will accent your décor without over powering it. They can be subtle accents or an eye catching focal point, either way; they will bring your room together.

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Shades in Ventura County

Like most cities in California, summer months consist of extremely high temperatures. This coupled with Santa Ana winds can cause temperatures to rise above 90 degrees. These high temperatures can overwork your home’s air conditioning, resulting in high electric bills. Additionally, it can place a strain on your home’s cooling system. Window shades can help block the sun’s rays and the hot winds to help lower your cooling costs. Window shades come in several different color and material choices. They are affordable and practical and can save you money on your utility bills and ensure your privacy.

Window shades can be made using dual layers of material that can complement your decor. Typically, window shades have a darker color on one side and a lighter color on the other side. The dark color helps absorb heat in the winter, while the light color reflects the sun and helps keep your home cool during the summer.

Moorpark CA Window Shades

Shades are soft window treatments and should not be confused with blinds that use slats. Window shades can be made using a variety of materials and styles. For example, cellular shades have pockets that help to trap cold air or hot air. These energy efficient window shades are the perfect addition to almost any Ventura home.

Roman or balloon shades are favorites among Ventura County homeowners. Roman shades are lifted using an attached cord and create beautiful pleats when they are raised. When they are closed, they hang flat. These shades are made using a heavy fabric, which offers energy efficiency along with privacy. Balloon shades have a cord that runs through rings on the back of the shade. When the cord is pulled, the fabric is gathered in poofs. These shades can be made using a sheer material or heavier fabric to block out light. Both balloon shades and Roman shades can use materials from your home’s decor to create a cohesive design throughout your room.

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